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user photo ADULTFUN welcome all swingers to share and advertise their Groups, Events, Parties & locations! Simply add a comment below with the information you wish to share with the swingers community here on ADULTFUN.

This is a really great way to find Couples and Swingers near you, or those who are looking to organise swinger parties or events with our friendly adult community.
Posted by AdultFun 21/09/2015 01:47 AM 89 Comments
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Comments (89)

unleashed71 is offlineunleashed71

Anyone keen to have some raw raunchy unadulterated sweaty sticky full on no holds barred sexcapade ? Slim Attractive young looking funny down to earth 46 yr old looking for raunch +++ NSA. shore based.. open to first time with a couple.

03/01/2018 07:28 PM Top

ravenlee is offlineravenlee

Couple looking for open minded female to join in!
03/01/2018 05:11 AM Top

usplusyou01 is offlineusplusyou01

Couple new to the sharing game looking for female to have fun with
24/12/2017 01:23 PM Top

keentoplease is offlinekeentoplease

Looking for Couples or females wanting a +1 (or more) for fun in wellington.
Add me, check me out and Msg me.

22/12/2017 02:20 AM Top

reuben is offlinereuben

Looking for couple I can join in and play with 0211172354

20/12/2017 07:52 PM Top

spicy is offlinespicy

looking for a girl in the south for a threeway 0224617326
16/12/2017 07:16 AM Top

shakya is offlineshakya

Looking fora cute girl to join a threeeway, can pay wink
22/11/2017 04:21 AM Top

aklgangbang is offlineaklgangbang

Lots of parties coming up...keen for under 40s to gangbang club bl og sp ot
19/08/2017 08:35 AM Top

philmein is offlinephilmein

any ladies or couples keen for a sesh and  motel fun in hastings today or tomorrow? 0274725983
11/08/2017 05:58 AM Top

makeyuw3t is offlinemakeyuw3t

Any up comming swingers parties happening in Hamilton?
30/07/2017 11:44 AM Top