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dee1972 is offlinedee1972

m an escort who is unique, one with personality and style. From me, everyone gets service with a smile.
I'm a westie girl thru and thru. Renoun for blowjobs just between me and you
I'm like a vodka with a twist of lime, I'm an angel with a twist of dirty, and will soon make you mine.
I also like to get high, so come boys try this western ride. No bridal is needed, but u may need your whip. I have most clients chomping at the bit.
For queries or a booking, if you want the best, give mz dee a text and head out west
24/05/2018 12:07 PM Top

dee1972 is offlinedee1972

Thank u again
14/05/2018 01:56 PM Top

braologist is offlinebraologist

you fill it so amazingly also.
14/05/2018 06:03 AM Top

dee1972 is offlinedee1972

Thank you
06/05/2018 07:39 PM Top

braologist is offlinebraologist

amazingly sexy bra
04/05/2018 02:55 PM Top